Stefanie Powell-Marchand
Designer, Maker, Stylist

Stefanie Powell-Marchand
  • Akademischer Grad Dipl. Des. (KH), MA
  • Branchen


Über Stefanie Powell-Marchand

I am a versatile multidisciplinary designer-maker and stylist with a strong focus on materials and their narrative potentials. I have a talent for translating and ’materialising‘ ideas, moods and values into visually striking arrangements and inspiring installations.
As a materials designer with a background in interior decoration, I pair creative thinking with strong practical skills. I approache making with the attitude of a ’professional tinkerer‘ who pushes the boundaries of traditional processes.
As a stylist, I work in the realms of interiors and food, make my own props and put in all the flotsam and jetsam, bits and bobs that I hoard.


Designer, Maker, Stylist
Anschrift Stefanie Powell-Marchand
D-10961 Berlin
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