Stirling Elmendorf
Architecture and Interior Design Photographer


Über Stirling Elmendorf

Based in Berlin, Germany and born in Washington, DC, Stirling Elmendorf has spent nearly half his life overseas. Stirling was drawn to Japan and lived in Tokushima, Japan for three years from 2001, where the beautiful culture and scenery inspired him to become a photographer.

In 2004, he returned to the US and established his own photographic company in Washington, DC He specialized in photographing large hotels, architecture, residences, interiors and portraits.

In late 2011, he moved back to Japan and he and his wife Kumiko established an office in Osaka. He photographed hundreds of architecture and interior design projects as well as work with drone photography, video production, music composition, and product photography.
In June 2017, Stirling and Kumiko moved their office to Tokyo, Japan.

In Japan, he worked as the exclusive interior design photographer for Rolex, Bulgari and Harry Winston.

He has been active as a brand ambassador for Carl Zeiss, Fujifilm and Think Tank Photo.

In March 2022, Stirling and Kumiko relocated to Berlin, Germany for a fresh start…

Regardless of what project he undertakes, Stirling infuses his images with dynamism, creativity and power.


Architecture and Interior Design Photographer
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