Norman Strohmaier
Freelance Media Producer, FFF Producer, TV Producer, Agency Producer

Norman Strohmaier

Über Norman Strohmaier

I have 20 years professional experience in commercial film production. Whether it’s a traditional TV spot, an integrated campaign, a documentary or a simple shoot in a greenscreen studio, I’ve handled them all.

I can offer a complete end-to-end service from planning to implementation of commercials, films for the web, you name it. From pre-pre-pre-prod to on-air. Maybe you need proposals on which directors or film production companies are hot? Or perhaps you need to negotiate buyouts with an actor’s slippery agent? Or you need a well-made mood film that captures your idea perfectly? And the pitch is in a few days. No problem.

Budget negotiations, buyouts, screening musicians, casting, crew bookings, filming permits, post productions. Bring it on.

If you’re searching for a freelance agency producer you can trust, a cool-headed producer for your production company, or an experienced all-rounder, please get in touch.


Freelance Media Producer, FFF Producer, TV Producer, Agency Producer
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