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Creative & innovative Industrial Product Designer



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I have lot of passion towards mechanical / industrial design. It always delights me to take up mechanical / industrial design challenges and deliver the same as per the requirements. I enjoy the process, team work, customized documentation, managing emotions. The hard work pays off when I see the product been used by end customer. The contribution of mathematical design model helps me to explore for futuristic and innovative solution. I’m also very keen on learning new things irrespective of field.

More than 5 years, I am working as industrial Product design engineer. i have involved in various type of Product design, from Automobiles parts to small electrical products (i.e. Surge Protective device). I have plenty of practical experience in design Plastic parts, Wooden parts, Industrial components, Sheet metal parts and also in surface design workbench.

Currently, I am working in Fuchsberg GmbH (formerly as Janbilin GmbH) as an Industrial Product Designer, to develop Lighting Arrestors (SPD’s) of all types (i.e Typ1, Typ2 & Typ3). In this company i am working mainly of plastic design & sheet metal design. My major task is to create new locking mechanism & new aesthetic look for their product along with cost effective manufacturing.

My Studies are mostly related to Design and My Experience are mostly Related to Product design. Now i like to undertake more designing challenges and also I enjoy taking responsibility and am able to cope well in pressurized situations and I feel that I can use my experience to maintain quality standards without affecting the design considerations.


Creative & innovative Industrial Product Designer
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