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My name is Suhee Lee and I would like to express my interest in the UI design internship position. I am a graduate of fashion design and worked as graphic designer for early stage of my career. I found interest in UI/UX design for a long time and taught myself through courses. I fall in love with the process and how this design interacts with people inspires me. I am always thrilled to learn new mediums and would like to gradually develop myself as professional designer.

I am working as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer. I have worked wedding invitation, customized illustration and branding design for the local business. While I was working as a graphic designer for one and half year, I created posters for the shop display and edited photos for marketing purpose and as well as for the website.

I have a friend works in customer service and I hear a lot of about people complaining about using apps and website that is hard to use and can’t find what they are looking for and this is how I started to find interest in user experience design because it is not just designing something pretty, it’s about usability for people from all different background.

I worked in fashion production management field for 4years. This job taught me how things get it done, smooth workflow, and able to use time more effectively. I worked with lots of buyers and had to figure out what they want by researching trends & competitors, and how to meet their needs in limited price range. I believe my previous work experience can enhance my usability design.

I am currently in Berlin, Germany with a Working-Holiday Visa. I am able to attain employment without Visa support for an internship period and possible to start immediately. I look forward to speaking with you further regarding any available opportunities.


UI designer
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