Syndicate 11
hybrid collective of filmmakers and anthropologists

Syndicate 11

Über Syndicate 11

Syndicate 11 is a collective of filmmakers, photographers, artists, and social science researchers with roots across six continents. Since 2018, we have put our interdisciplinary skills into action, creating meaningful audio/visual content in academic, non-profit, and creative spheres. Within our cohort, we recognize the power of storytelling. That is why we are committed to producing ethical, high-quality, community-oriented media: so that emerging ideas and voices may be heard and represented authentically.


hybrid collective of filmmakers and anthropologists
Anschrift Syndicate 11

D-10997 Berlin
Ansprechpartner Martin Gajc
Kontakt Persönliche Nachricht
26.09.2020 (aktualisiert )

Netzwerk von Syndicate 11

Martin Gajc Martin Gajc
Video Editor, Cutter, Motion Graphics, Videography, Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, DaVinci Resolve
Berlin 26.09.2020

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