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Über A Tamboly

Dramatic lights, intense colors, diverse palettes, which through the years of artistic practice has become the signature of my photography.

When I received my first camera at the age of seven, first lesson ever, was not to open the camera backdoor while exposing a film roll, I was a very curious child.

In the fourth grade I won a simple kodak camera from a“Ghostbusters” sticker album. I grew up experimenting with the miraculous device, and learning to experience the world through its lens. Through experiments, I gradually developed my artistic vision of the world.

My interest in psychology, philosophy and art history, have always it’s impact on my photographic visions. My family always encouraged me to take my own path and to follow my dreams, so I joined the Faculty of Applied Arts, Helwan University and gained my Bachelor degree in Advertising and Photography in 2001.

During the early 00’s I made a plenty of travel expedition in the Middle East and Europe, which taugh me a lot about the world.

In challenging the division between art and design, I’m devoted to bridging the gap between the two, especially, to exploring the potential utility of an artwork. In my photographs I work to activate the utility and applicability aspects of my artwork in a social context by linking it to a historical background, a social phenomenon, a cultural dilemma, or a political event.


Professioneller Preisgekrönter Werbe Fotograf
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