TankTank GmbH
Hybrid of creative agency 
and film production


Über TankTank GmbH

Started January 1st, 2017, based in Hamburg, located at Mindspace Coworking in the centre. Lead by Stefan Zschaler, Managing Creative Partner and Patrick Plogstedt, Managing Partner. We create and produce moving pictures (TVC, online) and creative video content as well as social media content. We work project wise (e.g. TVC for Flightright) but also take care of the overall brand communication if wanted and if the client buys in to our philosophy (e.g. followfish). We believe that the traditional agency model is past. We bring the best talents for every project together (thinking in tanks). We are a startup. So there is no hierarchically thinking.


Hybrid of creative agency 
and film production
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D-20459 Hamburg
Ansprechpartner Patrick Plogstedt
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