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Producing video markeing can be a complicated and time consuming venture for companies without much experience of the production process.

The Ninth Way provides consultancy services to companies who perhaps lack the in-house video expertise to navigate their interactions with creative agencies and production companies, or simply need a partner to assist with a demanding video project.

How can we help?

Honest, constructive critical feedback throughtout the entire process from an experienced production partner who who puts your company’s interests first.

Pre-Production: Support with the ideation process, project briefing, selection of creative agency/production company/director, script development, storyboarding, animatics, layout shoot, talent casting and contracts, budget planning and scheduling.

Want to try and develop your own idea without the use of an agency? We’ve been there and can help.

Production: We can be by your side on set, or fully represent your company during the shoot. We will ensure that the brand, creative concept, budget and overall quality of the production are respected.

Post Production: We can help by providing important feedback or fully oversee the production edit and motion graphics application for you. We are experienced with music and SFX composition, as well as voice over artist casting and recording.

Animation: We are very experienced in the produciton of animated explainer videos and other fully animated projects.

With over 15 years of experience in creating international video productions, The Ninth Way has successfully completed a huge catalogue of diverse projects ranging from full 360 campaigns to TVC’s, social media productions, corporate and employer branding videos, events coverage, product explainer animations and everything in between!

An experienced and reliable partner, The Ninth Way can support and protect your company’s interests throughout all stages of the production journey.


Video Production Consultancy and Partner
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