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The fascination for computer generated worlds inspired me quite early in life and guided the way towards my future working life and career. Inspired from movies, TV and the computer entertainment industry I decided that this was the area I definitely wanted to be involved in. It started in the early ’90s with Realsoft 3D on a Commodore Amiga followed by the first 3D Studio Dos version available. Until today I continuously have been extending my knowledge about software tools, its application and use.

These are the main tools I use for my daily work: 3D Studio Max, Maya, VRay, Mental Ray, Photoshop, Vue & DeltaGen. Followed by tools with basic to advanced knowledge like After Effects, Illustrator, InDesign, Genetica, Unity, UDK. Additional skills such as concept painting, HDRI 360 panorama photography, HTML, CSS were acquired through former jobs and actual hobbies.

Working now for more than 15 years as a CG artist curiosity and eagerness to learn gave me many insights to various branches of the CG industry. Some of the main areas I have been working in are: 3D modeling, animations, lighting & shading, illustrations & advertisement, web- & screen design.


CG Artist
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