Thomas BF Photography
I create images and stories for companies and brands through professional photography and filmmaking.

Thomas BF Photography

Über Thomas BF Photography

What i do:

  • Like as Photographer: Food, objects/products, architecture, events, portraits and all kinds of photos for brands and companies.
  • In addition I have experience in: Portrait Photography (Couple, Erotic, Family, Single, Pet, Pre-Wedding, Business), Still Film, ​General advertising photography, Fashion and Art Photography.
  • Like as Filmmaker: Commercials, Institucional, Content for Social Media, Online Courses, Short Film.

You can check a part of my Portfolio in my website
About Me:

While attending Cinema and Audiovisual at Universidade Federal Fluminense (In Rio de Janeiro – Brasil), I had my first contact with professional photography. I was inspired and encouraged by the great masters of photojournalism I had the opportunity to meet. I bought a camera, made and consumed all the photography classes that the university offered, I was a helper in the institute’s development and enlargement lab, I studied more and more about photography. When I felt ready, I started my professional career. My first work was for the subject of Introduction to Photojournalism, when I did the photographic essay „Lavradores“. After finishing it, I was sure it was my passion, my career.

I live from photography, which gives me incredible experiences. I have photos published in all the media, mainly with photos of the gastronomy area. I always try to keep my work different, always using a lot of creativity, with a fast delivery and a fair price.

When I am not working, I invest much of my time in deepening my techniques and passing on my knowledge to other photographers and photographers.

In addition to seeking improvement and improvement of my techniques in photography and filming, I seek to understand how to more efficiently meet the new demands of the market and take a prominent position in social media.

For me, the most important thing in my work is to use creativity to create.

There are no limits to the imagination or what we can do.

I currently speak English, Portuguese and Spanish, and I am developing my skills in German.


I create images and stories for companies and brands through professional photography and filmmaking.
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