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Über Thomas Wiuf Schwartz

Thomas Wiuf Schwartz is a German–Danish Still-life Photographer based in Cologne, Germany.
His work, in which passion and devotion are to be found, not only reflect his love of photography, but a visual minimalist imagery of forms, shades, materials and objects. These are skillfully set in scene, played by light and shadow which stands out for his work – the perfect composition of work with materials, structures and surfaces.

His potential in graphic design and art direction is reflected in his conceptual approach. The perfection in the imagery, the eye for the unusual can be found in details or their emphasis in the pictures.

His dedication is to unfold aesthetics in things, which give the whole strength through small accents, complement his way of work and stands out for his style.

Objekte Unserer Tage, Pulpo, Asics, Dornbracht, HAY, Gerdesmeyer Krohn, Aesthek, Kaschkasch, Yara, Muuto, Siedle, Scania, Kusch Co, BAQUA, Müller Möbel, Harpa, Swatch, Niruk, Kolofon, Readymade Furniture, Mykita, BASF, Volvo, Hanne Willmann, Isabell Battenfeld, Meike Harde, Moritz Putzier, Meiré und Meiré, Another Slang, Saga Hotel


Produkt Fotografie
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