threedeeart Lionel Y. Offel
3D – Designer

threedeeart Lionel Y. Offel

Über threedeeart Lionel Y. Offel

I’m a generalist with 4 years of experience. Started with Autodesk Maya but working with Blender at the moment. You’ll find some examples on my homepage.
Favor for Architecture (Interior&Exterior) and Product Stills.
Why 3D-Visualizations? Creating individuall and perfect realities for your presentation. The possibility of scenes and setups that can’t exist for real. And of course visualize non-existing objects. In addition to that it’s very easy to create different variations of the scenes.

  • Architecture modeling & Rendering
  • Product modeling & Rendering
  • Exhibition Stand modeling & Rendering
  • 360° Image Rendering
  • & more with cooperations


3D – Designer
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