Tina Bornmann
Kostümbildnerin/ Modedesignerin für Film-, Musik-, Fotoproduktion

Tina Bornmann

Über Tina Bornmann

Tina aka TINASYTLELIGA studied fashion design in Berlin at the „Lette Verein“. She learned pattern construction, drawing, sewing, designing collections and developing her own small fashion show. Her design expertise in the composition of different materials and shapes creates her unique style. Today Tina works as a freelance costume designer with high-end clients, agencies and artists from the fashion, advertising and music industries. She speaks fluent english, spanish and french and is a cosmopolitan person.


Kostümbildnerin/ Modedesignerin für Film-, Musik-, Fotoproduktion
Anschrift Tina Bornmann
D-20457 Hamburg
Ansprechpartner Tina Bornmann
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E-Mail hello@tinastyleliga.com
Web www.tinastyleliga.com
09.06.2016 (aktualisiert )

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