BA Nilüfer Keller
Interdisciplinary Design (Communication, UX/UI, Space, Booth, Exhibition)

BA Nilüfer Keller

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I have a keen interest in innovative and future-oriented companies, people, and technologies and I burn for the development of intelligent and innovative products, especially in the social, cultural, and ecological environment.
My challenge is to improve experiences in this context and thus make people more aware of e.g. environmental issues. I draw on my many years of experience as an independent digital designer. Above all, however, I bring in the innovative spirit that I have retained from the DOTCOM era. As a pioneer, I was involved in the first attempts to make Internet television more accessible via a set-top box through a well-thought-out user interface.

Note: due to Non-Disclosure Agreements, I am unable to present all of my projects. Therefore, I kindly request that you provide me with a problem statement or a design task to work on and present to you. This will give you insight into my capabilities as a designer and allow me to demonstrate how I handle requirements.


Interdisciplinary Design (Communication, UX/UI, Space, Booth, Exhibition)
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