Verónica Llinares Benadero
Ilustrator, artist, 3D.

Verónica Llinares Benadero


Über Verónica Llinares Benadero

Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona. Master’s degree in 3D Animation and Video Games at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia.
I own both professional and human quality skills to operate in any field. I like challenges. I adapt myself quickly to new situations, being strong, active, flexible and ingenious. I am a persistent and committed one. I am always higly-motivated to perform my job as well as possible and to give the best of me. I have worked in groups on numerous occasions in which I participated and collaborated actively. While working in a group I always keep myself open-minded and adaptable in order to ease the reaching of the most efficient solution possible. I am able to apply many fields of art like drawing, 3D design, illustration, storyboarding or concept design to find the best artistic answer.


Ilustrator, artist, 3D.
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