Vera Völkel
Senior UX/UI Designerin

Vera Völkel

Über Vera Völkel

I am a senior user experience designer, focus on visual design, with more than 20 years of professional experience in the digital agency industry as senior UX/UI designer and creative director. I was responsible for the development of digital products and for leading creative teams. I have helped develop visual digital strategies for many large companies and am very familiar with all aspects of UX and UI design. My activities focused on the conceptual and visual development of complex portals and apps as well as IT ecosystems.

I love creative challenges, technical processes and developing solutions that require all my experience and creativity.

Through my digital expertise, my design background, my technical understanding and my further education as a coach, I create results of particular value. This starts with the development of the concept, includes the creative design process and is reflected in my very personal advice.


Finance, Insurance, E-Commerce, E-Government, NGO, Automotive, Travel, Apparel, medium-seized companies.


Senior UX/UI Designerin
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