virtualQ GmbH
Quickly growing Startup in the Communications Industry

virtualQ GmbH
  • Gründung 2014
  • Mitarbeiter 5—9

Über virtualQ GmbH

virtualQ® provides a novel cloud-solution that waits on hold during longer waiting times for callers of Contact- or Call-Centers. Callers can spend their time productively until virtualQ® alerts them to call back when it is their turn. Several national and international institutions awarded the innovative cloud-products of virtualQ and the company is backed by an institutional investment fund.
virtualQ® is currently located in Stuttgart and Berlin.

You get the chance to work on an innovative and awarded product with top-notch technology and software management tools. We have a German-American background and like the concept of simplicity, design, flat hierarchy and employee participation through options and shares. You have the chance to work in an awesome team atmosphere with lots for individual liberties. You want to change the way in which people wait on hold in customer service telephone lines with us?
Let us know.


Quickly growing Startup in the Communications Industry
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