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  • MAST™ Directed by Manuel Astorga

At MAST our main goal is to create timeless pieces mixing classic and contemporary elements of design. We work with a wide array of professionals from different backgrounds, including branding, photography, illustration, calligraphy and editorial design. Depending on the project we configure a tailor made team that best suits every client, the result is that each project is unique and with a new dimension.

Our main clients include, art galleries, the music industry, and fashion magazines amongst others.
Manuel Astorga is responsible for the creative direction of MAST. Manuel was born in Andalusia, Spain and begun his education in advertising. After receiving his degree he set out to complete a Master in art direction for advertising.

His first professional experience was at the prestigious SCPF agency in Madrid, where he had the opportunity to work with clients such as IKEA and BMW. Expanding the art direction field, Manuel starts to collaborate with the international design studio Serial Cut™ and Rodrigo Aguade working with clients such as MTV, Nike, Maison Fabre and the editorial department of the studio, working in close relationship with international artists, photographers and brands in the realms of fashion, art and design.

Now, based in Berlin, Manuel works for various international magazines and several design agencies.


Art Direction & Graphik Design
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