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WEB & THE CITY is interested in the city in all its components. This complex entity has to meet on the one hand, the needs of inhabitants regarding accommodation, travels, employment, health… and on the other hand, the current challenges as the reduction of greenhouse gases, of waste or the energy savings.

The city has to evolve into a more environment-friendly but also more united model. Social enterprises, associations, collectives bring ideas and concrete solutions to reach these goals. They promote sustainable consumption patterns, technological innovations used to the benefit of the planet or the cooperation between people. Economic, social, ecological but also cultural dimensions are often part of their global approach.

Various projects develop around the world, initiated not only by the municipalities, but more and more by the inhabitants themselves.

WEB & THE CITY supports these initiatives by working on visual communication to give them a better audience, and enable them to be developed, financed and taken over.

Our graphic lab has a multidisciplinary approach: print, web, 3D, drawing, mapping and photo, in order to provide a communication adapted to the challenges of urban planning and environment.

We can communicate in English as well as in French or German.


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