Weinblum + Stahl GmbH
Agency for Communication Design

Weinblum + Stahl GmbH

Über Weinblum + Stahl GmbH

With offices in Berlin and Zurich, Weinblum + Stahl GmbH is an integrated communication design agency that specializes in developing unique brand identities and creative campaigns for clients worldwide.

Äni Weinblum and Nina Geidel joined forces and founded the agency Weinblum + Stahl after gaining extensive experience through their respective work at US and German-based design and advertising companies.
Collectively, they have built a company, defined by an agile team of incredibly talented individuals that share their belief that brands should not only be exceptional but also authentic.

Weinblum + Stahl emphasises on an intricate understanding of their clients’ needs, uncompromising creativity, quality, a pragmatic approach and passion.


Agency for Communication Design
Anschrift Weinblum + Stahl GmbH

D-10405 Berlin
Ansprechpartner Äni Weinblum
Kontakt Persönliche Nachricht
30.04.2015 (aktualisiert )

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