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Wildstyle Network is a digital creative agency and a venture builder, helping modern companies to adapt successfully to the ever-changing consumer landscape. You will find us in Germany (Dresden, Berlin), the United States (Brooklyn) and China (Shanghai).

Our venture building process turns innovations into successful new companies by applying our 15 years experience of creating over 20 digital ventures.

Our industry experience is extended by communication strategies for national and international brands such as Microsoft, Samsung, Porsche, Leica Camera, HERE, ING DiBa, Deutsche Bank, Audi, Qualcomm and others.

Our communication managers, technologists and consultants help these brands to keep their leadership in the digital landscape.


Creative Agency Wildstyle Network
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D-01099 Dresden
Ansprechpartner Anna Hähne
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Web www.wildstyle-network.com
26.05.2021 (aktualisiert )

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