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Designer, Scenograph

Yukijung Research


Über Yukijung Research

YUKIJUNG Research is a Berlin based visual label involved in designing and masterminding site- specific audiovisual night-time entertainment, stage sceneries, live video performances and video art installations that form part of exclusive events.
Individually tailored large-scale video projections and illumination concepts are developed in such cases to dramatize the history and architecture of a place in question using the latest video and LED mapping techniques.
YUKIJUNG Research was originally founded in Paris in 2006 by fashion designer and scenographer Christine Jung and consists nowadays of a worldwide network of renowned new media artists and programmers.
In 2014 YUKIJUNG Research developed its first LED fashion collection and is working in collaboration with international collectives on design solutions for wearable LED technologies.


Designer, Scenograph
Anschrift Yukijung Research

D-10965 Berlin
Ansprechpartner Christine Jung
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18.07.2012 (aktualisiert )

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