Feri Zsolnai
Senior Graphic Designer / 3D Artist / Trainer


Über Feri Zsolnai

I am friendly, approachable, sober, honest, purposeful, knowledgeable, creative, interested, precise, highly organised and passionate.
I am motivated by challenge, artistic views, simplicity, creativity, teamwork and professionalism.
I am looking for an opportunity, which allows me to use my various professional and personal skills. An opportunity that challenges me to further improve.
I am Hungarian, literate, educated, experienced, lively, funny, if not a little eccentric here and there. I am also an excellent cook.
I’m currently learning to speak German and studying cognitive behavioural therapy in my free time.

Out-of-the-box thinker • Experienced in various ways of visual communication • Adobe certified expert • Strong artistic background • Creativity fuelled by a wide array of artistic experience (theatre, music, fine arts) • Excellent problem solver • A good hand for simplification and optimisation • Precise and simple administration • Ability and experience to work in a cross-cultural team • Embracing new technologies and skills • Excellent communicational skills (based on Rosenberg’s nonviolent communication theory • Experienced and capable mentor.


Senior Graphic Designer / 3D Artist / Trainer
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D-12247 Berlin
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Web www.zsolnai.net

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