Pictures of Blue – Cyanotype Workshop on January 19th

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Kirsten Heuschen

Heuschen, Kirsten


Take a crash course in making cyanotypes, a historic photographic technique. Working with non-toxic chemicals, I’ll guide you through a workshop that will result in striking cyan blue prints. The moment the blue images appear on paper is truly magical. At the end of the workshop, you’ll have tried your hand at this fascinating artform, and have ten of your own cyanotype prints to take away.

I am an artist working with experimental photography and the workshop will be set at my studio with a beautiful view of the Spree. Located in Schöneweide, it’s part of a heritage-protected industrial complex.

The event is ticketed and limited to 5 places, which are bookable via Airbnb.

Tickets and Prices can be found here:…/59003?&source=p2&currentTab=experien…

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