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3D Design and AI / KI Consulting und Training

, Modelling CAD Daten Aufbereitung: (Konvertierung, Aufbereitung, Prüfung, Optimierung) Produkt Konfigurator, virtuelle Messe präsentation VR/AR, 3D Druck Software: Cinema 4D, Modo, Rhino, Moi3D, Adobe Renderengines: Redshift, VRay, Octane, Corona Allgemein:

Fabian Schmidt
Fabian Schmidt
12305 Berlin
15.05.2019 (aktualisiert )

Cinema 4D, Ventuz Designer, After Effects, Photoshop

Hi! I’m a freelance Graphic Designer based in Munich, Germany. I specialize in real-time 3D animation with Ventuz and create innovative UI designs and 3D animated content. In years of experience, I crafted interactive exhibits for trade fairs and museums and compelling…

Robert Wagner
Robert Wagner
80639 München
24.08.2020 (aktualisiert )

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