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We enable disruptive Banking!

80335 München
05.09.2013 (aktualisiert )

tyntec GmbH

With over ten years experience in the telecommunications industry, our core competency is to enable the easy integration of three key telco services – SMS, voice and mobile numbers – to our customers.

81379 München

relayr GmbH

We enable The Internet Of Things relayr is a well funded and rapidly expanding startup based in Berlin. We have an extremely international and very friendly team!

10961 Berlin

Clue by Biowink

Clue’s mission is to enable women and people with cycles to make good choices for themselves and live full lives not in spite of their biology but in tune with it.

10999 Berlin

Tracks GmbH

racks is a young tech company revolutionizing the European road freight industry. Using the latest advances in Big Data and Machine Learning, we enable road freight companies to achieve new levels of resource efficiency and CO2-emission reductions by prov

12099 Berlin

IOTA Stiftung

The IOTA Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation with the mission to drive the development and standardization of new distributed ledger technologies (DLTs) that enable permissionless innovation ecosystems.

10405 BErlin
15.04.2021 (aktualisiert )

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